my paradise
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why am i making this page?
so much has changed here over the last couple years(has it really been that long?) originally this was just going to be a small picture hosting site, but now it is more a commentary about me. and it has grown by leaps and bounds. if you came here by accident or on purpose i hope you enjoy it.

addicted to elves
need i say more...i have a weekness for them pointy ears.:D,

whats here anyway?
hmm a rundown of whats here-
most pages are self explanitory (links, contact info, etc..), others include photopage-my place and a smatering of my favorite things/photopage2-UC gundam ships i like/photopage3-scale charts and misc odds and ends/photopage4-pics from my day in harajuk/photopage5-english language bands i love/photopage6-japanese bands i love/custom page1-scenese from my panel at sakura-con 2003/custom page2-just some animated gif's i use elseware.
Questions? Send an e-mail-

other hobbies
aside from being an anime fan-
.i do cosplay-well ok it is related to being an anime fan.:p
.i love music & play guitar (types of music enjoyed most- rock/heavy metal, techno, jpop, classical/orchestral, and folk).
.swords and other such midevil weaponry
.i'm a scifi/fantasy fan and a babylon 5 fan>.i play RPG's (with dice) like AD&D, battletech and B5 wars
.i'm a toy collector and model builder
.i also love fast motorcycles, hiking and mountainbiking, museums are quite enjoyable as well. really i have tried so many different things i need to really norrow it down some more. :p
oops almost forgot SHOPPING! :)

there is more, but that should be enough to scare most normal people away ;)

my namesake
my screen name-mughi3-is taken from the name of the highly intelligent pet cat of the notorious world welfare and work associations(3WA) top trouble consultants kei(redhead)& yuri(long hair). official known as the lovely angels but dubbed the "dirty pair" due to their seeming ability to attract accidents on a catastrophic scale. there is the original novels, adam warrens american made comics, a 26 episode tv series, a movie, 2 stand alone OVA's and a 10 part OVA series.
NOTE: they made another series called dirty pair flash. while the original creator takachiho did both series, i personally can't stand flash, as it's nothing like the dirty pair i have known and love.

mughi is actually an acronym for M.ilitary U.tility G.enetic H.igher I.ntelligence, and he has the best job in the universe. he eats, he sleeps, he flys a spaceship, and gets to blow stuff up, all while hanging out with 2 beautiful scantily clad women.:D
in depth dirty pair info