favorite links
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my links
some of these sites are in japanese....but i know you really want to see whats there ;)

now check them links!

art archives this is an evil-as in huge- site dedicated to fantasy and scifi art....enter if you have lots of time to download :D
eon graphics craigs site is down so here's another site with some great B5 and other CG renders
fan stuff a great japanese fan art site, even has fan done anime shorts
voices ever wonder what you favorite japanese voice actors have done...this si the place to find out.

Favorite Sites

macross stuff a great macross resource and image site.
ship scalings a nice comprehensive site of ship sizes from various scifi shows
ultimate dirty pair site you won't believe all the stuff
seig jion! black virgin-a japanese site dedicated to UC gundam badguys....it's well worth the visit.
sci/fi spacebattles-a general scifi site with cool crossover cg movies, come visit us on the forums.
brothers of metal metal rules-the ultimate heavy metal site, with lots of cool stuff to download. WARNING-if you like korn, slipknot, or limp bizkit style rap/rock/hardcore crap don't go here your music isn't metal and we don't like it.
general gundam stuff since the other gundam site died heres one full of gundam CG art(in japanese)
3rd stage trying to find all those hard to get japanese cd's especially on minor "indie" labels? here is the place to look