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i'll start with some pics of my place followed by favorite characters, cosplay etc....

my guitar

my other guitar

my current re-worked 4th edition mechanised "deathraven" 1,850 dark angels army.

my ravenwing at 1850-sadly 3rd edition and no longer legal to field

my tau army at 1850

my wifes flying nid army at 1,850 points

-dragon of the month :D

all of my classic battletech units on parade.

my favorite space-ship in all scifi and anime: the sol bianca

my favorite male anime character of all time-dark schinder from bastard!

favorite male #2 ashram from lodoss war, due to difficulty finding pics of him by himself ive reverted to group images. :P

2 for 1 my #3 favorite male and female characters max & millia jenius from macross.

#1 favorite female character-pirotase from lodoss war

#2 lt. col. cima garahau from gundam 0083

another favorite character-priss from the bubblegum crisis series)

gunslinger girl-

random blade toting warrior of the month :D

random cosplay of the month-

-catgirls >^.^<

my UC gundam plug

my macross plug

new koyo-our cheep little hotel in tokyo

main entrance t the meiji jingo shrine and park

the imperial palace on the one rainy day i got to see it.

some new stuff-honor harrington pics

some classic battletech images

for the love of castles

random nifty scifi pic

space cruiser yamato/starblazers the anime that got me started.

random 40K pic